Mediterranean diet

mediterranean diet in woking

mediterranean diet in woking (Photo credit: Kai Hendry)

The Mediterranean diet Is becoming a popular diet known to be healthy for the body.

The Mediterranean diet plan is high in fruits and vegetables (often as many as nine servings per day). Followers of this diet also consume a low amount of red meat, eating instead a greater portion of fish several times a week. The Mediterranean diet menu also includes eating a small portion of a variety of nuts and healthy fats (like olive oil or canola oil). Red wine is also a part of this diet menu, in moderate amounts. Because grains in this region are usually whole grains, pasta and rice are also a welcome part of this diet.The Mediterranean diet is associated with good heart health and falls within the guidlines of healthy eating, Studies conducted within the U.S. have shown that those who ate according to the Mediterranean diet lowered their risk of both heart disease and obesity-related cancers.

The Mediterranean food pyramid is a slightly differant version of the FDA‘s food pyramid. The bottom level you have you’r whole grains like bread, pasta, followed by vegetables, fruits, beans and nuts. The third level up  is olive oil (or another healthy oil), followed by a cheese and yogurt level, a fish and poultry level, a sweets level and finally, a red meat level at the very top. But red meat should only be eaten a few times per month in very small amounts.

Many  Mediterranean diet recipes can be found online or cookbooks like the (Mediterranean Diet Cookbook), once you get familiar with the basics diet itself, you can create any meal that falls within its guidelines. Such as, grilled salmon with lentils and sautéed asparagus or Italian bean soup with a handful of hazelnuts (and a glass of red wine) make for excellent Mediterranean diet meals check out these links.,,


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