Doga—and Yes, That’s Dog Yoga—Hits Shelby Township

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If you love yoga and you love dogs ,then you’ll be over the moon about Doga.That’s right, Doga is exactly what it looks and sounds like-the art of yoga, but add the “d” for the dogs.Doga instructor Pam Paul of Body Images Fitness Center is holding a series of Doga classes at Bark-A-Bout Training Facility on 23 Mile Road in Shelby Township.The next class is Feb. 10 at 5 p.m. All dogs and dog-loving yoga enthusiasts welcome.Paul designed the class for yoga novice to the advanced yogi who would like to have their pet join them in the soothing practice of yoga.”This is the first Doga class that we have ever taught, and we were amazed at the results,” said Paul, the owner of Body Images Fitness Center in Shelby Township.”I have practiced Doga at home with my pet, but this class was extraordinary,” said Mary Vinder, another yoga instructor from Body Images. “The animals took to the soothing environment, and we could see that they really enjoyed being here, with their owners, while practicing the yoga movements.”There is a $15 fee to join the class. Bring a yoga mat and some water if you like—one mat is all you need for you and your pet.To view a brief Doga session, please visit Bark-A-Bout’s Blog at To sign up for this class, or for more information, call Bark-A-Bout Pet Facility at 586-566-8900. Or you register on-line at What’s Doga you ask? It’s dog yoga, of course! And it’s being offered at a gym in Shelby Township. Read on to learn more.ByMarina Cracchiolo This was so amazing i had to share it with you. Wow dogs doing yoga,I don’t know about you but my Golden would so get into this he already thinks he’s human.I have never really try yoga before,but this sound fun.An exercise program that you can practise with you dog.Doga,Dog Yoga will give you good workout that you and your dog will enjoy.They say dog is mans best friend,now he can be your best workout partner.Well if you’re looking for a good exercise program,and you were thinking of joining a yoga class. I think this would be worth checking out.I mentioned in a previous post about using music as your exercise partner,If you can’t find a friend to buddy up with.But I would have never thought of have your dog exercise with you,but why not.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Loss Weight, diet, Dieting, Weight Loss Tips, weight loss programs, dieting programs, Top Weight loss, Health, Portion Control, Food, Human nutrition, Eating, Nutrition, Physical exercise, Fitness, ProgramsCalorie                                                                                                                                                                                                       Related Articles:


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